Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week 4 Post # 4

Tell us why you decided to take this CCU course.  What did you expect from the class?  Did it meet your expectations?  What do you plan to do with Blogging Instructionally in the future?  Can you see yourself using Blogging as a tool with your students or for yourself professionally?


  1. I decided to take this CCU because I felt that I wouldn't have started a blog if I didn't. By taking this course, it forces you to do so. I believe that since I already have it started, I'll be much more apt to continue updating it.

    I think this class gives you the basics you need to start and continue working towards your blog. There are higher level blogging CCU courses, and I'm assuming these will dig even deeper into how to blog.

    I plan on using my blog as an alternative to my classroom website. I think that a blog is easier to update and easier to get information to our students.

    I see myself using the blog site for my players and my students. I believe it's a great tool to get out small pieces of information. I also believe that it would be a great tool to use for discussion since all it takes is a simple click of a button to submit what you have to say.

    Thank you for offering this class guys! I believe these CCU courses are going to help a lot of teachers in Bellevue jump to the technology side of teaching!

  2. I agree with what Mr. Bartlett said...I have always been intrigued by blogging and felt this would be a good way to get started. I make NO PROMISES that I will update is daily, or even weekly, but I will make a good attempt once the school year begins again to update regularly for my students. I worry that some of them might use the blog for inappropriate purposes, so I will certainly have to find a away to monitor that. Most of them worked with Mrs. Geldes this past year with her iPads and have some experience with blogging, so they should have a good handle on how to do it and what protocol is. I will have most of those same students again this year.

    I love these CCU courses because they are not a waste of my time! They are so beneficial and teach a great amount of material in a short period on time. I love that I can work when I feel like working, and that everything is explained so clearly! Thank you!

  3. I took this CCU course because I wanted to have an active blog up and running by next school year. I want a site where students can dig deeper into the topics we are discussing in class. I also plan on creating a homework site so students/parents can see what is assigned in class. and a link to provide PDF files for all worksheets. I am registered for Blogging 201 (although there are now enough for the class yet) and hope to learn more. Thank you Brent and Ann for providing step-by-step instructions and creating video clips showing us how to accomplish each assignment.

  4. Tell us why you decided to take this CCU course. What did you expect from the class? Did it meet your expectations? What do you plan to do with Blogging Instructionally in the future? Can you see yourself using Blogging as a tool with your students or for yourself professionally?

    I took this CCU course because I had never even looked at a blog before in my life. I expected it to be a rude awakening, and I was correct. Blogging takes a certain amount of skill, but once you have it down, it gets pretty easy. This class definitely taught me the basics, and even a few advanced techniques, about blogging. If I end up using this in the class, it's a great set up for students to put questions and comments on it outside of the classroom. I probably will keep my blog as a professional tool only.

  5. I took this CCU course because I wanted to get some ideas for how to use blogging within my classroom. I had never blogged prior to taking this course and have found some useful information that I can use to enhance learning. I may incorporate a class blog that my students can go to if they have questions, but some of my students don't have access to a computer at home. I can see myself using blogging as an educational tool in the future.

  6. I took this CCU course because I had looked at Blogging before when I took a class through Peru State and wanted to start class blogs then. I was hoping I might learn how to incorporate blogging into my English classes. i have only done a few blogs in conjunction with the other class I took and to get started in a junior English class a couple of years ago when I decided to have them publish a personal essay online rather than print it out and hand it in. The object then was also to have the other students comment on their essays, but it didn't work out too well. Some students were reluctant to have other people see their work. I guess I would have to lay better groundwork for that. The class did meet my expectations, but like Steve Pelzer I was hoping to get a second dose of it in the next class. Perhaps others will sign up so we can have it. I also wanted to find out how blogging and Twitter are connected as I need to explore the education side of Twitter more as well. As someone mentioned above, a two-week CCU class is a good way to explore a topic like blogging without having to invest a lot of time during a busy summer school schedule for me.

    I appreciate your help, Ann and Brent, with all the technological things in the district and hope to take more educational courses in the future including Twitter and GoogleDocs. As a final comment, I would like to say that I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more interaction between the class participants with comments on the blogs. I know that was suggested in the email, and I kept waiting for someone to comment on something I had done in the class either on my blog or someone else's and didn't get any feedback. Maybe this comment goes on the Exit ticket; if so, sorry.

    1. If nothing else, you should go to my blog and feed the fish!

  7. I took this CCU because I want to write more. I also want to use blogging as a way to connect with students outside of class and have students writing and interacting with classmates outside of class as well. I can definitely see myself using blogging in my class and with my own teaching experience. I would not have been able to start blogging or use blogging in my class without this class and it was very helpful! Thanks for helping us and guiding us!

  8. I took this CCU class for several reasons. First, I am two (now one!) CCU away from hitting my MA + 36. Second, I have always wanted to blog personally so I knew this would be a great place to start. And it has been! While I've done the blog for this class, I've also started my own blog related to running. If you want to check it out, it's Third, I would love to start a blog for my classroom. I hope to do that for the the upcoming school year. I've liked this blogging thing so much that I signed up for Blogging 201. Thanks Ann and Brent!

  9. I decided to take this class because it was my first year at Bellevue West and I was notified of these CCU classes by my administration. I took Blogging 101 because it looked like something that I found interesting and thought I would enjoy. I don't think that I would use a blog for a personal use, but I definitely see myself using if for school. I plan to use a blog next year in my modified science class. I thought that the class went pretty much just like I thought it would. I figured we would learn how to make and use a blog, and that is what we did.